So, the hiatus went on for a little longer than intended, but at long last, the blog is back online. I’ve got an article on beat sheets lined up for Friday and I’m resuming taking editing jobs.

Where I’ve Been

Locked in my apartment, sprinting through the first 60k words of a novel, burning scented Ikea candles, and wracking up late fees at the library.

What’s Next?

Content! For the next two months, I’ll be working on shorter (300-500 words), more regularly timed posts covering a range of writing related topics.

I’m also back to editing. I’ll be offering professional critiques (higher-level feedback on what is and isn’t working in a novel), developmental editing (solution oriented feedback that identifies issues and works towards resolving them), and consultations on outlines and early stage writing projects.

And with any luck, there will be more words written, more candles burnt, and maybe a few library books returned in a timely manner. Thanks for sticking around!