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Who I Am

I’m an English Lit PhD student eeking out a living on the west coast, where I read, write, and research fraudulent mediums of the late 19th century.

My current writing projects include an epic fantasy novel about an empire where the stars have begun to go out, a YA novel that I’ve billed as “Harry Potter meets House of Leaves, except everyone is gay,” and a work of interactive fiction told from the perspective of unlikable teenage girl who lives in a haunted house. These projects exist in various states of disrepair.

One of my shorter experimental works has been published here. I also have a piece in the forthcoming reproductive rights zine Unmother.

What We Do Here

This is a blog devoted to the discussion of fiction, feminism, and the startling amount of overlap between the two. Most of the articles on this site are geared towards identifying common writing problems, examining why these things don’t work, and presenting possible solutions or tips for prevention. The content covers a wide range of topics, from plot, to characters, to representation, as well as some of the finer points like writing mechanics.

Additionally, I provide beta reading (free), editing services (less free), and–should anyone be brave enough to request one–author interviews and book reviews.

Updates are posted on Fridays, usually late in the day.

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