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Beta Reading and Editing


Beta Reading

I read your story and tell you how I feel about it as a reader. I’ll point moments that work/don’t work, look for snags in the plot, and let you know which characters I connected with most. Expect a 2-4 page feedback note, or in-depth answers to a reader questionnaire (if you prefer that).

If you are interested in beta reading services, please check out the Beta Reading Checklist to make sure that you’re sending the cleanest, most beta-ready draft possible.

I do not charge for beta reading. I currently have openings for beta reading, though paid jobs take priority. (Sorry guys. I have to pay rent.)

Professional Critique

I’ll examine your  story with a critical eye and provide an in-depth discussion of what is and isn’t working, with a focus on broad-scale elements like setting, plot structure, character development, and overall writing mechanics. You may also provide specific questions or concerns that you would like to have addressed in the critique. This type of feedback is much more detailed than beta-reading and focuses on craft rather than reader response.

Expect a 6-8 page critique letter discussing your work.

Developmental Editing

Developmental editing means that I will open up your story and look closely at how everything works.  I provide analytical feedback on story structure, plot, pacing, characters, and world-building that not only identifies what does and doesn’t work but that also suggests ways that you can build on your strengths and address weaknesses. Developmental editing is solution-oriented and focuses on possible revisions. There will be in-line comments to discuss specific moments in your story, as well as detailed feedback at the end of your MS.

Expect 100-150 in-line comments and an 8-10 page editorial letter.

Heavy Developmental Editing

This is for stories that need more focused attention. For heavy developmental editing, I will work through your story with an eye to how the plot, character, and setting develop within and across particular scenes, and to provide extensive suggestions for revisions.On request, I can also provide end-of-chapter notes.

Expect 150-200 in-line comments and a 10-12 page editorial letter. I am also willing to arrange a 30 minute skype call to discuss feedback on your manuscript.

Outlines, Synopses, and Query Letters

I also review outlines, synopses, and query letters. For outlines, I can provide feedback on story structure and narrative logic, or work with you to develop ideas. For synopses and query letters, I can provide feedback to help sharpen your submission materials and spot common mistakes.

Sample Edit

Not sure if this service is what you need? Send up to the first 5000 words of your novel and I’ll edit or critique it. Not only does this provide feedback on the beginning of your story, but it’s also a great way to get a sense of what these services entail and to make sure that they’re the right fit.

If you decide to purchase full editing services, the cost of the sample critique will be counted towards the final cost.


All feedback letter page and in-line comment counts are guaranteed minimums, rather than caps. I often go over these numbers, and I won’t withhold feedback if there’s more to be said.


I have recently adjusted my rates. If I’ve worked with you previously or discussed a different rate with you, feel free to send me the original quote and I’d be happy to honor it. 

I also recognize that affordable editing is difficult to come by, and that this can be a major roadblock for some writers.  If you aren’t in a position to pay full price, feel free to contact me with your budget. I’m open to negotiating.

Beta Reading: Free
Professional Critique: $0.005/word
Developmental Editing: $0.008/word
Heavy Developmental Editing: $0.01/word
Sample edit: $50 (flat rate)
Outlines, Synopses, and Queries: $25/draft

If you have any questions about rates, feel free to ask.

Requesting Services

How to Request Services

Send the first ten pages of your MS to writing.radically.blog@gmail.com, along with the word-count and what kind of service you would like to request. Also let me know if you have any time constraints. I will read through your pages, let you know if I’m available to take the job, and provide you with a price quote. All prices are negotiable.

How Long It Takes

Once I have received the full manuscript, it generally take me a 3-5 weeks to complete the request. Heavy developmental editing often takes closer to 6. If you have a deadline, please let me know so that I can work to accommodate your time frame.

Who I Am

What I Read

I am open to all genre fiction, with an emphasis on fantasy, sci-fi, horror, romance, YA, and MG. I also have a particular interest in books with diverse casts, especially books that feature queer and trans characters, and books with well-developed female leads. And I’ve got a soft-spot for complicated relationships (love triangles are a guilty pleasure) and anything that can keep me guessing.

How I Edit

I approach stories with an eye towards plot and character development. My biggest strength is my ability to think about stories structurally and consider how all of the pieces fit together. As an editor, my goal is to give my clients insight into why elements of their story are or are not working, so that they can revise their draft in a way that best suits their own creative goals.

In terms of credentials, I’ve been editing for two years, blogging for three, and writing novels for ten, and I’ve instructed composition courses at an undergraduate level. I also have years of experience beta reading and participating in critique groups, and a genuine appreciation for storytelling in all of its forms.

The best indicator of how we’ll work together is probably my blog. Picking the right editor is a tough decision that has as much to do with credentials as it does with fit. I’d recommend reading around a bit and getting a feel for whether my style works for you. If you think that we would work well together, drop me a line and I would love to hear more about your project.




7 thoughts on “Beta Reading and Editing

  1. Thank you so much for your hard work on my novel. Your services were invaluable to me and provided clear insightful concepts for me to improve my WIP. Thanks again. A highly recommended beta-reader.


  2. I’d like to thank you for looking at the first three chapters of my manuscript. The comments made have enabled me to “fix’ some important points. The suggestions and insights helped improve not just those first three chapters, but the entire thing. Thank you so much. Definitely recommend you as a beta reader.


  3. Thanks you for helping me with my novel. You exceeded my expectations, which were already high. You were able to understand what I was trying to do, which gave me confidence, while cutting through the chaff and suggesting way to make it better.

    I’ve had many of beta, and done a lot of critiquing. This was wonderful! Again, thank you so much.

    Very highly recommended.


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